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Promotion News for Robert Reed
4th Aug 2014

We are pleased to congratulate Robert Reed on his recent promotion to Sales Director.

Since joining H&C Contracts in August 2005 Robert has successfully made inroads to new market sectors, especially data centre, pharmaceutical and retail customers.

We value Rob's commitment to the business and his proven  track record.

We wish him every success in his new position.

Modular Networks – Comms Room Cooling in Switzerland
19th May 2014

Recently H & C Contracts were asked to expand on a basic design for the cooling of a small Comms room in Geneva using 2 off 15kW Airedale computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units as run and stand by for the room. 

The client was interested in both free cooling and diversity with the cooling medium.  After discussions with Airedale, the clients preferred supplier, we selected 1 off free cooling refrigerant CRAC unit and 1 off free cooling chilled water CRAC unit. The Refrigerant CRAC was a single circuit system with a remote air cooled condenser.  The refrigerant pipe route from the 4th floor where the comms room was located through the building to the basement was approximately 40m to where the condenser was located. The chilled water CRAC was fed off of the building chilled water system which was modified to suit the flow requirements of the CRAC.  The unit was fitted with 2 port control valves and controlled to only take chilled water when required so as not to put unnecessary load on the building chilled water system.

The main contractor removed a large 3 section window on the 4th floor to provide space for the fresh air supply and extract louvres. Due to extremely tight acoustic requirements (the building was close to a hotel and residential properties) supply and extract in-line attenuators had to be sized both dimensionally to fit the space and technically to ensure the noise level was achieved external to the building. Sections of acoustically insulated ductwork were installed to connect the attenuators to the CRAC units to prevent noise breakout.

Both systems were designed to operate in free cooling mode as the primary cooling method to the Comms room. The secondary method was the chilled water CRAC and then finally the refrigerant CRAC as it was the least energy efficient.

The Airdale CRAC units came complete with modulating dampers on the fresh air supply to the room and extract. These were controlled to modulate dependant on room temperature and ambient temperature.  The units also communicated with each other by way of the site Trend BMS system.

The system was commissioned and handed over successfully on time with all of the installation and commissioning engineers and materials travelling from the UK (a distance of 750 miles from our office in Bordon to the site in Geneva).

Promotion news for Mark Winning
12th May 2014

Mark has been with H&C since leaving school in 1985. In his early days with H&C he attended college to gain ONC, HNC and HND in building services engineering and moved on to become contracts manager and design engineer, specialising in the design of mechanical services installations for operating theatres, body scanner suites and ward blocks. Other qualifications include a CPD in 'Specialised ventilation in healthcare premises'. In August 2011 Mark was promoted to Head of Projects and was responsible for overseeing the Projects Department. His promotion reflects his hard work and commitment to H&C and to the service we provide to our customers. He will now take on an advisory and supervisory role for the whole projects and design department. We wish him every success in his new role.

H&C Contracts feature in Building Design and Construction Magazine
6th May 2014

We were delighted with the recent feature article about us that Building Design and Construction Magazine recently printed. You can read the entire article here.

New member of staff
29th Apr 2014

We are pleased to welcome a new member to our Project team – Paul Lewis. Paul has a great deal of experience in Mechanical Services and HVAC Project Management. You can find out more about Paul on our Team page.  We wish Paul a long and profitable career with H&C Contracts



New member of staff
14th Apr 2014

We are very pleased to welcome Michelle Mathias to our team as our new Office Administrator. She has experience in IT and administration which will provide invaluable extra depth to our busy office team. You can find out more about Michelle on our Team page. We wish her a long and happy career at H&C Contracts.