H&C Contracts
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H&C Contracts utilise Hiross chillers for provision of chilled water to MRI/CT scanners, Data Centre cooling and cooling for general manufacturing processes.

Designed specifically for industry, Hyperchill is the new range of precision water chillers manufactured by Parker Hiross.

Industrial processes are very diverse by nature and flexibility to satisfy all applications has been a fundamental design priority for Hyperchill.

The range covers eighteen models with cooling capacities from 2kW to 360kW. The modular design incorporates integral process pumps and high-volume buffer tanks to provide a robust and durable solution under all conditions. Clever packaging of the thermal-mass within the chiller helps minimise space, and reduces installation costs. Compliant scroll compressors, an evaporator integrated within the water tank, and an advanced microprocessor controller, further add to make Hyperchill the complete package.

All standard models will accept water inlet temperatures up to 30°C and water outlet temperatures down to 0°C. They can tolerate high or low flow conditions and will operate in ambient temperatures up to 45°C.

Thanks to a comprehensive range of options and accessories, Hyperchill can be supplied to meet specific application requirements, making it the choice of many key OEM's around the world.

H&C Contracts have found that the combination of the Hyperchill's unique design and quality components offers a very comprehensive solution to the exacting demands of the Healthcare, Data Centre and Manufacturing markets.