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Known the world over, Mitsubishi is a trusted global leader of air conditioning equipment. Founded in 1921 they quickly rose to the forefront of the air conditioning industry and still enjoy this position today.

Products include single system split units, multi-split units where several room units can connect to one outdoor unit, VRF (variable refrigerant flow) units for larger systems with multiple room units as well as heat recovery ventilation units. Heat pump and heat recovery options are available as well as a variety of fan coil configurations - floor, wall, under ceiling, cassette and ducted.

Excellent design means that these units are extremely energy efficient leading to reduced power consumption. Mitsubishi pride themselves in providing high performance competitive systems with low running costs and emissions.

Mitsubishi Electric also produce a range of "Replace Technology" systems which make it possible to replace old units whilst retaining the original refrigerant piping thus reducing the overall replacement cost significantly. This means that systems can be updated to do away with older refrigerants which had ozone depleting and global warming qualities and replace them with zero ODP and low GWP alternatives at much reduced costs when compared to complete system replacement.

H&C Contracts have an in depth knowledge of Mitsubishi's VRF and split system heat pump systems and as an approved installer can offer an unrivalled level of expertise and advice in the application of Mitsubishi systems.